anna in studio

anna with Black sun christ

anna with ms gloves on chr

approaching cambridge

a world at my feet

bathtime jan 2005


beyond the burbs

billy and bird

billy and Icons

billy approaching through's

billy surveying

billy tramp


borrowed London room

borrowed view

burroughs book at dusk

cafe detail 3

cafe detail

cafe detal 2

Cambridge Horses

chalkfarm bedroom detail

chalkfarm night in 2

christmas day 2004

christmas day blizzard

dead guitar


dressing II

February Sky 2005

february study floor detail


hottest part of house janua

hunter dead

J and A Tenby 1990

J coast 1990

J dissapearing Tenby 1990

Joanne 1990

J tenby 1990

Kirsten 3rd date 1990

kirsten 1990

llamas christmas day

michael Reynolds 1991

North london Cafe detail 20

portrait of sun feb 2004

purple detail

purple noon

queens crescent detail

recurring march 2005

resting at cambridge librar

royal billy feb 2005

self portrait in strange li

self portrait on-brink of a

self portrait with borrwed

shadowy self portrait in bo

sleep sweep as abstract sha

solid water

s P early 1991

sunday billy exam

sweetpea on my lap

sweetpea opens doors

sweetpea spring garden 1

sweet pea spring garden 2

sweet sweet pea

ted hughes book cambridge l

tenby 1990

tenby childhood

thursday study detail

Tim Daniels Steve bees 1991

two loves

view from King Arthurs old

waking 1

waking 2

waking 3

wb with garden

with church grounds 1991

yet another train journey t