bad egg

billy 7 45am Monday Morning


cally and anna


dead ground 2004

dull blue thing

dusk may

easter saturday

farmcats feeding

farm cat with mccartney mug

farm sky


foot in water

friends come for tea


Glyn asleep 1989



home detail 2005 Summer

home detail sunday 2004

home made glass-and water i

horse detail 2


hunter elvis mirror

john and Julian too

may sky

mother's mother's eyes 1988

mottled horse detail

paul cook shoreditch 1

paul's friend 1 shoreditch

playing 1

portrait of 2 summer evenin

prisoners of an undeclared

Purple Cali

rack detail

rainy summer morning July 2

Sean body

Selfportrait of career apri

selfportrait on torture rac

shropshire stalag

sleepy cali & minstrel2

sleepy cali & minstrel

sleepy minstrel

somemay skye too

spermy blood in a wine glas

spring bottles

stable noticeboard

study detail July 2005

sunday july-evening 2005 st

sunday ritual

Two girls, a maplethorpe bo


writing a book

zoo 2 catcvh 22

zoo and colleague 2

zoo and colleaugue 1

zoo at catch 22 I