Fan Sites

Drunk in the Underworld
An American fan cite, and one of the earliest sources of Jack and Jacques information on-line. This site is no longer updated

Schemers Dreamers
A Jack fan club based in Greece

Jack's Music
A Jack Yahoo group

Record Labels

Disques du Crepuscule
Jack's current record label, based in France, who will be releasing the third Jack album

Acuarela Records
A Spanish label, released the 'La Belle et la Discotheque' EP

Former home of Jacques

Too Pure
Jack's original UK record label, who released the first two Jack albums and numerous singles

Dreamy Records
Dreamy's 'Head In The Clouds' compilation features a Jacques and Kirk Lake collaboration 'You Don't Get It Now But You Will'

Anthony and Momus


Kirk Lake
Kirk has previously collaborated with Jacques and appears as a guest on the third Jack album. Read his interview with Anthony in the Features section of this site

The Jacques album 'How To Make Love Vol. 1' was written and recorded with Momus

Dan Fante
Dan Fante appears as a special guest on the third Jack album, you can read Anthony's interview with Dan in the Features seciton

Photograph by Helen Tremaine